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Professional Food Buyer

I have a deep knowledge of food and its components and, thanks to my passion and private chef job I had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world.

A few years ago I started to give professional suggestion to industries and restaurant chain about the food to buy and than in a while it become a job.

As a food buyer I work close to the chef or to the managers and I identify the best product for they needs.

The perfect product does not exist. There are several factors I have to take in consideration and that have to match one each other to have the perfect combination.

I study the availability of the product all year long, its time to destination, the price and the risk correlated to international delivery. Often I personally check the quality consistency in time and the capability to have big quantities delivered in short time.

Buying food is more complex and more personal than buying other industrial products. Food change continuously, the production process is never the same, quality can change. And as a buyer I have to know and to check all these aspects of the project.

It is a challenging job, and I love it.