Who Am I?

My name is Roberto Grandi, and I am a Private Chef. What does this mean? It means that I will use my passion, experience, and personality to give customers the best food experience they have ever had right in their homes.

I was born in Mantua, in the heart of Italy, and I grew up surrounded by the flavor of traditional Italian food. My mother, like every Italian mother, was able to find and cook special and unique recipes, with each underlining a different flavor, depending on the season and the quality of the ingredients.

To follow my passion, I began to cook at a young age and studied in the culinary arts. I worked for more than 15 years in top restaurants, according to Gambero Rosso, Michelin, and Espresso. My innovative spirit then led me to work for private customers. Why? Because every customer is unique, and I want to create the perfect dish for each taste and situation.

I have worked in large villas with amazing kitchens as well yachts and private jets. My clients have included individuals and both small groups and large, for whom I have prepared everything from romantic dinners to business lunches. Every situation provides the opportunity to either create something new or stimulate food memories. Cooking is a passion, and I love it.

Roberto Grandi

Roberto Grandi
Roberto GrandiPrivate Chef

Taste is about quality

A good chef knows how to select the best ingredients. I love to choose the right food of the finest quality for each dish. Vegetables, meats, fruits, and spices each provide hundreds of different varieties with endless possibilities for delicious dishes.

I personally search for the perfect combinations for all of my dishes, making every decision and anticipating the needs of my customers—these are the reasons why I love being a private chef.


I live for the moment when each piece of my work falls into place: the first bite.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Work Is Featured Below.